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Mad Dog - You Call This a Life?
by Mad Dog
This is a book

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Hardback - 26 pages (June 1999)
Mad Dog Productions.; ISBN:8883361938; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 8.92 x 7.58
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 2,486,607,937

Review from a contented reader.
The heartwarming story of a man, his work, his website, and his dreams

This book has given me a whole new outlook on life.  I've lost 15 lbs. and started dating again. I feel healthy and have a lot more energy for life. At the end of each page I find I can eat a whole bag of Cheetos and not feel guilty.  It's a lifesaver!

The greatest thing about "Mad Dog -- You Call This a Life?" is I'm reading the book with my 14 & 8 yr. olds and teaching them to have compassion for those who are so challenged!  They find the book very interesting. This book has definitely changed my life and I highly recommend it to anyone who has insomnia, dyslexia, or painful rectal itching.

Book Description
It's rectangular, printed on paper, has lots of words separated by punctuation and spaces, and a front cover made of recycled athletic supporters. 

Press Quotes
"A better read than Clancy, Oates, or King.  Of course that's the Clancy Brothers, Quaker Oats, and King Sunny Ade."  Time Magazine

"Just the right number of pages to shore up that wobbly table leg."   Popular Mechanics

"I'll get to it when I can, now quit bothering me."  The New York Times

About the Author
Mad Dog is a freelance writer who has also worked on the radio, produced records, put out a line of novelty products, and lots of other things you'd expect out of a dilettante with A.D.D.

Excerpted from Mad Dog - You Call This a Life? by Mad Dog. Copyright 1999. Reprinted by plagiarism. All rights deserved
So I said to her, "Like, what do you mean?"

She looked at me, having never heard anyone talk to her that way.  She cocked her head.  Scrunched up her eyes.  Then bit me.

Is it any wonder I hate poodles?

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