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December 30, 2004

Mad Dog bays at new lights  
Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

The tacky tour's good friend and founder, Barry "Mad Dog" Gottlieb, sends an update and greetings from San Francisco, where he landed several years ago: "The Bay Area Tacky Xmas Decoration and Grand Highly Illuminated House Tour is here!" he writes. "Yes, I had to do it. I've put together my first list of the biggest, brightest, most ostentatious, hugely glowing decorated houses in the Bay Area. You know, what people around here prefer to think of as Neo-Expressionist Illuminated Habitat Sculptures."

Mad Dog admits California's dreamin' so far. Most of the homes he has located can't hold a candle to Richmond's extreme wattage.

But it looks as though some have serious potential. For a sneak preview of Mad Dog's latest tacky project, visit 2004.htm.

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