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This is the book coverIf It's Such a Small World Then Why Have I Been Sitting On This Airplane for Twelve Hours?
A humorous, unique, and insightful look at the world, its people, and their cultures as seen through Mad Dog's eyes. Fifty-three columns include tales from a four-week car trip across the United States with stops at the Voodoo Museum, the UFO Museum in Roswell, and Bongo Java, a coffee house with a cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Theresa. Thereís the journal from his two-month stay in St-Malo, France, where he discovered why he, as an American, was getting the cold shoulder. And it wasnít his bad Jerry Lewis imitation. There are tales from a six-month stay in Bali, a meeting with a Russian spy in Cuba, the coronation of the Slug Queen in Eugene, Oregon, and his transformation from being a camping weenie to eating weenies while camping. Itís a view of the world as youíve never seen it before, and it includes columns not found on the web site!

Chapters include:

An American Mad Dog In London
Slugging It Out In Oregon
Seeing The World Through A Viewfinder
Itís North, Itís White, But Is It Great?
Rules For Eating On The Road
Roughing It
Why Americans Get A Bad Rap
A Trip To The Funny Farm
A Mad Dog In Bretagne
Philadelphia Phatness
Airports: Size Does Matter
Czeching Out Prague
Aloha, Oy Vey!
Playing Tourist
From Sea To Shining Sea
Itís The Culture, Stupid
Brand New Roadside Attractions
Havana, 1995
The Summer Of Safe Love
Home Is Where Your Passport Is
Dogestan, The Official City Of The New Millenniumô
Scenes From The Desert
Littering The Streets With Art
Bali, Hi!
Itís Only Rock ĎN Roll, Níest Pas?
A Summer Vacation Guide
Fear And Loafing Outside Of Las Vegas
The Truth About Stereotypes
Tourist Attractions Of The Future
Itís Freezing Over, Is It Hell?
Sign Here
I Left My Heart In A Casino That Looks Like San Francisco
Motto-Less In Iowa
Carless In Detroit
I Saw London, I Saw France
Inertia Is Your Enemy


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If It's Such a Small World Then Why
Have I Been Sitting On This Airplane
for Twelve Hours?
by Mad Dog
Published by Xlibris Corp
ISBN trade paperback 0-7388-4803-4



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