Best of Plot-o-matic

The Best of Plot-o-matic
I give up.  After being flooded with requests from people saying, "Come on, Mad Dog.  When are you going to let us see the best of the Plot-o-matic plots people came up with?" I figured.......

Okay, I admit it wasn't really that many, but since some of you went through all the trouble of emailing me and......

So no one did.   I can tell that sooner or later someone would, and since I like to be ahead of the curve (something I learned from Kyle Petty) I thought, why not go ahead and beat you to the......

I'm sorry.  I really didn't learn that from Kyle Pettty.  I admit, I've never even met the guy, though I was once an extra in a Mello Yello commercial his son was in. And that's the truth.

But I was thinking it would be fun to see what people do with Plot-o-matic.  Of course who wants to read their plots?  Hell, you can try it yourself and see how much fun it is.  But the titles people come up with for their there's something you could really sink your teeth into.

In other words: Bite these movie titles.


It's A Wonderful Life 2: Revenge of the Angels

Godzilla in Paris

Godzilla Strikes Again

Godzilla vs. Titanic





A Jedi Meets the Mafia

The Jedi People From Mars

Jedi Warrior on Crack

Titanic 2


The Blech-Files

Die Soft

To Hell, With Sir

The Good, the Bad and the Underfed

The Hand That Broke The Cradle

Born on the 1st of July

Ernest Goes to the Store

Rambo Bambi

Star Bores

Star Truck: Revenge of Quon Ton's Chicken Stand

This Movie Sucks


Evil Space Monkeys


Rip-offs of Dune

Jesus Versus the Killer Robot

Attack of the Cheap Looking Mutant Killer Ant

Attack of the Barbie doll

The Dog That Ate Providence

Flying Butt Monkeys from Mars

The Many Battles of the Crotchless Panty Power Twinkie Wench and her Divas

Star Virgins From Zod

Fluffy the Goldfish

The Chimp from the Moon


My God There’s a Fly in her Corset

Why Men Love Jell-O

The Strong and the Sequined

Eat Me

As The Stomach Turns

Sex is Pleasant for a Lawyer

People That Will Have Sex with Anything


My Day At Radio Shack

Erin Gets A Guy

Erin Gets Another Guy

I Hate This Job

Revenge of the Startlingly Inept

Bad day at Bournemouth University

I'm Bored as Hell

The Day My Toe Died

Craig Smells

Craig Returns In A Smellier Film: Craig Smells Part 2

A Movie I Made Up In Less than Half an Hour with the Incredible Plot-O-Matic by Mad Dog Productions

A Weekend on the Edge of Adulthood

Jane and I in Our Old Age


Jack Russell Terror!
A political thriller about a boy and his dog

Slinky Goes to Town

Poopy Heads

Pierce Your Brain

Stop Looking Stupid and Run

Get a Life and Go to Mexico

Socket Wenches

Finals Suck but They Don't Swallow

The Revenge Of Bone Thugs(This Time He Gets the Girl)

Two Cops In a Car

To Cook a Herring

Cable TV Sucks

The Overdue Book

Dafrignalaoplakadmallk (whatever that means)

I Wonder If This Thing is On Damnit I Burned Myself Again Freakin' Stoner-proof Lighter

The Script That Got Lost in Hollywood

Insert Title Here


Hot Crush Fiddle Juice

Raccoons in the Mist

Robbin' da Hood

Smells Like Bob at the Gas Station

Dirk Malone, International Spy and All Around Nice Guy

Really Bad Movie


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