Hollywould.....or maybe Hollywouldn't

Have you ever sat in the movie theater and thought, "Hey, I can write a better movie than this!"?  Well, it's true.  And it's easier than you think!

Now, thanks to the brand new PLOT-O-MATIC™, you can come up with plots just like the big boys do.  And make the same easy money!   Joe Eszterhas and Shane Black won't have anything on you.

It's easy!  Just pick out the characters and plot elements you want to include in your movie.  When you're happy with your choices, hit SUBMIT and voila!  A plot pitch you can take to the bank!

Enter a title:

Enter your name:

What's the genre?

Main character:  


Their goal:  

Character growth: 

Another character:   

Action sequence: burn shoot
beat up have sex with
run away from poison
destroy blow up
buy hijack

How many?


Peer group: 

What movie is it most like?

What is your favorite movie?



  Skywriting at Night - a novel by Mad Dog

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