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checkmark Doing It Doggy Style
When the Richmond State began publishing in October 1994 they had the good sense to include a new bi-weekly humor column.  Contrary to nasty allegations you might have heard, this had nothing to do with the newspaper's folding two years later.  In fact, they were so hard up for things to print--or as some of us more delusional people preferred to think, it was due to wild public acclaim--that after several months the columns started running weekly.  They've been weekly ever since.  Give or take a few weeks.  Hey, we all need a break, so give me one, okay?

At some point Alternet started picking them up and making them available to alternative weeklies around the country.   Between that and sending them around ourselves, columns have appeared in newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, NY Daily News, Boston Phoenix, San Francisco Chronicle, Detroit Metro Times, Sacramento News and Review, and the Illinois Times.

You can find many of the more recent columns right here in the Doing it Doggy Style Archives.


checkmark Books

Skywriting at Night
A novel available from Xlibris,,, and or READ IT HERE FREE.



Five columns included in this Australian humor--I mean humour--compilation from WriteSpotPublishers International.


If Itís Such a Small World Than Why Have I Been Sitting on This Airplane For Twelve Hours?

A compilation of Mad Dog's travel humor from


Stand Tall

The co-written autobiography of Dr. Isaiah "Ike" McKinnon, former chief of police of Detroit, Michigan (Sleeping Bear Press - Spring 2001)



checkmark Other published writing
Articles, music columns, and short stories have been published in such notable publications as SilverKris (Singapore Airlines in-flight magazine), Commonwealth Magazine9X, Richmond Music Journal , ThroTTle, Planet (a travel article about Cuba), Rockrgrl (helping his pal, Diva Darling with her advice column), Far West End Press, Courthouse Press, Night Moves, and Nite Life Richmond.


checkmark Screenplays
There are three (count 'em, 3!) completed screenplays so far.  All (unfortunately) still looking for homes.

Velveeta and the '63 Fleetwood Stigmata
   ***winner of the 1995 Virginia Governor's
       Screenwriting Competition

The Bay Street Boys' Club

Pressing The Flesh


checkmark Web Stuff
Ventures into the wild, wacky, and wonderful world of the web began with conceptualizing, writing, and overseeing the construction of the very fun  web site for In Your Ear Music and Recording Services which was recently overhauled.  It's true what they say, you always remember your first.

Very fun is the Good Humor Band site, which included all graphics and design. So did Spriggles, Silverman Stockfootage, Jason Monet, Camille Monet, and Deady Advertising.

In the "Didn't-Write-It-But-Did-Design-It" category is Lifepuzzle, a site which promotes the Lifepuzzle self-help books and creates a community for people using them. Now in its second incarnation, it looks pretty good. For a site designed by a writer.

Other sites which I wrote include (though they may have redone them since):
Bod Pod
Simply Postage
For The Love of Business
Birdsall Interactive
Convene International

In a slightly different vein (and an inhaled puff of nostalgia) was being the Head Writer By Default (now there's a job title for you) for the live netcast of the 30th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park on October 12, 1997.  Lots of on-the-spot writing.  Lots of people.  Lots of fun. Then did the same type of thing for the 12th Digital Be-In on January 12, 2002 in San Francisco.


checkmark Corporate Videos
There have been a long string of corporate video scripts both for internal use and outside presentations.  Clients include Circuit City, USAir Vacations (winner of 1996 Silver Telly and Bronze CINDY awards), the Virginia Division of Tourism, and C.F. Sauer/Parker Advertising.


checkmark Advertising
checkmark  Radio and TV
Before there was the web there was TV.  There still is.  In between the programs are commercials.  You may not be able to see them from the kitchen and bathroom, but they're there.  If you saw some for Southern States CooperativeXTRA Oldies 104, and B103.7 we might have written them. 

If you heard the commercials and couldn't see anything it might have been because your picture tube is burned out.  It might also be because it's a radio.   We've written radio spots for food (IGA Supermarkets), gifts and clothing (Pink Cadillac), jewelry (Cocoanut Jewelry), imprinted sportswear (Dirt Shirt), haircuts (Austin's), and more.


checkmark  Print
This covers a lot of ground.  Like newspaper and magazine ads, newsletters, special promotional projects, direct mail pieces, special invitations, brochures, and other silly-ass things that must have made the trees feel much better about having been cut down so we could read these things.  Well, at least they can rest easy knowing it was for a good cause.

The LobeTop on the list is THE LOBE, the cult newsletter of In Your Ear Music and Recording Services.  Perhaps the only newsletter advertising agency people look forward to reading.  Finally they have something to look forward to.  After fifteen issues it's still going strong. Well, it's going anyway.

Other happy camper clients have included Silverman Productions, Voice BoxTarget Marketing, Richmond Newspapers, Main Street Productions, Henninger Richmond, Beacham Publishing, Uptown Talent and Casting, Ingram Video, Virginia Allergy and Pulmonary Associates, Allergy Institute of Richmond, and The Butt Stops Here.

It's been a while, but in the distant past a promotional project for Alpha Audio (R.I.P. *sigh*) was a finalist in the Clio Awards for package design.


checkmark Other stuff
Then there are the unclassifiables.   Like writing and producing a murder mystery and game show for Benchmark Properties.  Or song lyrics for Pazelli Pizza.   An audio script for a  promotion for CMDS Software/IBM.  Special promotions for Orion Home Video.  The 25th Anniversary promotion slogan radio station Q-94.  Or a party invitation for Mirage Productions.


  Skywriting at Night - a novel by Mad Dog

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