An LAXmas

There's nothing quite like Christmas in Los Angeles.  Warm weather, fresh oranges picked off the tree in the back yard, and stars everywhere you look.  Okay, so this year there was a cold snap, the oranges were late ripening, and the only star sightings were on the top of the Christmas trees.  At least there were Tacky Xmas lights.  Lots of 'em.  Big stuffed animal lawn ornaments.  And a row of Michaelangelo's Davids holding up a string of lights instead of fig leaves.  Ya gotta love it.

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Bright lights, big city

A classic LAXmas

Rimpau Blvd and 3rd St.

304 S. Muirfield Rd

Overblown toys

Lights you can Burbank on

Windsor Blvd and 3rd St.

730 Clybourne Ave, Burbank

Special thanks to Karen Hobert for pointing me in the direction of the LA lights, bringing along her digital camera, and renewing my faith in the Holy Shit Factor.


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