Admit it.  You've always wanted to send out a family newsletter at Christmas.  Maybe it was so you could keep your friends up to date.  Perhaps it was to save money on long distance phone calls.  But most likely it was because you wanted to avenge those people who keep sending you their insipid newsletters even though you return them year after year marked "Died--Left No Forwarding Address".

The truth is, you didn't do it because it's a lot of work.  Well, we at the Mad Dog Weekly live to make your life easier.  Just complete these simple questions and we'll do the hard part.  Then you can cut and paste it into an email and bombard your friends and family with it.  Trust us, revenge is sweet.

Let the Xmas light shine!

Your last name:

Where you live? 

Your marital status: 

What kind of year has it been?  1(worst)  2  3  4   5(best)

Your Christmas wish: 

Your biggest enemy: 

Family attitude: carefree    happy   fatalistic    depressed

Natural disaster: 

What do you live in?

What you want for Christmas:

Your friend's name: 

A relative's name: 

Your pet's name: 

Where do you shop for Christmas? 

Your favorite pastime:

Big event:



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