A Tacky Xmas in Richmond, Virginia

Here's a sampling of what the most highly illuminated houses in Richmond, VA were wearing for Christmas 1998.  Tasteful, yet with full-bodied wattage, a warm afterglow, and a bouqet that hints of burning extension cords.

photos courtesy of WWBT-12 wwbt12.gif (3009 bytes)

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asbury ct.jpg (15087 bytes)

avalon dr.jpg (11838 bytes)

chipping dr.jpg (17735 bytes)

9606 Asbury Ct. 9309 Avalon Dr. 9517 Chipping Dr.

merkner dr.jpg (16287 bytes)

newbysbridge.jpg (13408 bytes)

pinedell.jpb.jpg (12104 bytes)

3305 Merkner Dr. 34400 Newby's Bridge Rd. 3404 Pine Dell Rd.

donegal.jpg (13016 bytes)

providence rd.jpg (21845 bytes)

rosewood.jpg (16666 bytes)

10350 N. Donnegal Rd. 1030 S. Providence Rd. 2100 Rosewood Ave.

samoa dr.jpb.jpg (14856 bytes)

wistar ct.jpg (22101 bytes)

7311 Samoa Rd. 2300 Wistar Ct.
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