Best of Porn-o-matic


Add Momma to the Train


As Hard as it Gets

Going Down On the Titanic


While You Were Sleeping...With Me

Good Will Humping

As Big As It Gets

Ass Good Ass it Gets

The Truman Blow

Field of Screams




Godzilla Does Dallas

Bambi Does Godzilla

Hard Times at Ridgemont High

King Dong

Three Men and a Bedroom

Three Men and Guy

The Bellman Always Rings Twice

Forrest Hump

Star Whores (with Princess Layher)

Star Whores IV - Showdown at the KY Corral

Pimp Fiction

Pimp Friction

Joy Fuck Club

Jurrassic Pork

Das Booty


Doggie Style Afternoon

A Star Is Porned

Last Tango in Hoboken

Blazing Hooters

Porn on the Fourth of July

The Butt Nutty Professor

Sperms of Endearment

Doing Miss Daisy

The Apple Dumpling Gang Bang (starring Don Nuts)

The Lust World

Saved By the Balls

Bif Does Dallas

Traci Does the Zoo

Debbie Does the Office


Reading Material
Little Red Riding Me


The Diarrhea of Annie Frank

Not-so Private Parts

Bright Lights, Big Titties

Great Sexpectations

20,000 Reams Under The Sea

The Accidental Orgasm

Little Oral Annie

War and Piece


Famous Quotes
Here’s Licking At You, Kid

Who Needs a Plot Anyway?

Four Whores and Seven Beers Ago


Songs of Love
Cum All Ye Faithful


Spice Girls Suck

Cheap Trick

Getting the Shaft

Stairway to Heaven

Lord of the Deep

Romp Around the Clock

Rock Around the Cock

Another One Bites the Nuts


Wishful Thinking
Pete Gets Laid

Fuck Me You Silly Bastard

Trev Gets Laid—at last!

Three Football Field-Long Dick

I’ll Have Who He’s Having

My Mom’s Friend’s Daughter

What I Did Last Summer

Who I Did Last Summer

Oh Yeah That’s What I Want!!!!

Gym Teacher Teaches Me a New Trick

After School Research

What Happened to Me On The Way to Work

Brooke and Kenny Finally Fuck

I Can't Believe I Ate Them All


The, uh....others
My Best Friend’s Dog


Cyber Babes in Space

Penisaurus Rex

Cocked & Loaded


Tight Ends

Pizza Anyone??

Stiff Competition

Cheese Whiz in the Dark


There She Blows

The Bill Clinton Story

Panty Claus


Orange And Her Juice

School of Hard Knockers

Where'd That Tree Come From!?

Beach Babes Best Bangs

Baby Powder Salesman

 What now?


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