Skywriting at Night

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Chapter 2

     The next morning Old Man Cordin arrived at the store promptly at 9:30 as he had every working day since he and his wife bought the store from The Armenian. As soon as he opened the front door he sensed something was wrong. He set his take-out coffee cup on the counter and slowly looked around.

     Something was definitely wrong.

     The first police car arrived within four minutes. Ten minutes later there were three more. Twenty-two minutes after that there was a line-up of seven police cars, two paddy wagons and a mobile crime unit parked out front. The store was filled with eight uniformed cops, four plain clothes detectives, a police photographer and two men from the crime lab. Two cops accompanied by trained police dogs were parading back and forth in front of the store while two more K-9 units roamed the alley.

     Something was definitely wrong.

     Although news of the event circulated faster than Bobby Biggs' sister had made her way through the high school football team—if that was possible—Jet’s family didn't catch wind of it until his father sat down after work and read the afternoon newspaper. Buried on page three was a short four paragraph article under the headline:

Cordin's break-in baffling

     The article went on to explain that a robbery had occurred the night before. After a complete inventory had been taken it was discovered that the thief had stolen over two hundred assorted jewelry pads, ring displays, watch holders and earring cards, yet not a single piece of jewelry was missing. And there was no sign of forced entry.

     Jet’s father, agreeing with the article's headline, thought it was truly baffling. His mother, who was too busy making liver and onions that no one would eat, paid no attention when her husband read the article aloud and mumbled something about it being a shame. Jet’s brother, who was trying to figure out how he could go to a friend's house for dinner and avoid eating the liver and onions, thought it was pretty funny.

     Jet thought it had been something to do.


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  Skywriting at Night - a novel by Mad Dog

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